We have recently distributed information and photos on barbaric treatment of stray animals. We know that many of you had a negative opinion regarding the wide-spread publication of such materials. We also know that some of you were distressed and horrified by what you saw. We would like to thank everybody who expressed his or her opinion. It is only indicative of our society's healthy outlook in terms of rejecting abusive and barbaric treatment of any form, be it to a tiny and vulnerable animal or to a human being. But this is a fact. These actions have taken place before and continue to take place nowadays. This is a disgrace, which vindicates all of us. All of us that are using cosmetic and pharmaceutical products and clothing made of animal fur. Terrible deeds against animals are encouraged by our silence, agreement and collaboration. They are not beyond our control and we are empowered to stop them. Every individual should stop these acts of abuse at his/her own place! Look around! Homeless animals are getting poisoned, shot and beaten in your courtyards only for their right to live and co-exist in our society. In front of us, on the street and in front of our children stray dogs is getting kill the most barbarian methods. Some criminals in your town take pleasure in amputating legs and playing all sorts of malicious and abusive jokes with homeless animals. There exists a department within your city Administration, which assigns an employee salary based on the number of destroyed animals. It is easy not to look and not to notice all of this. We can all pretend that it is happening without our participation. But we will not be able to dismiss our responsibility for the past and moreover, for the future of our Nation. Today we have appealed to the Government with the request to stop inhumane actions aimed at annihilation of homeless animals. We also appealed to the Government andParliament to provide Azerbaijan National Law for prevention of cruelty to animals..We are appeal Law Enforsement to strong reaction on that crimes.  We summon your sense of justice and compassion and protect the right of every living being to live and exist under acceptable life conditions. We believe that we are a humane, peaceful and merciful nation and ruthlessness, abuse and oppression are not part of our nature. We hope that despite difficult living conditions of many citizens in our Republic, Azerbaijan will find the energy to take a wise and unprecedented decision to recognize protection and welfare of animals as one of our national priorities. We encourage you to participate in our efforts and join our campaign addressing the above mentioned problems with the Parliament of Azerbaijan and Government. Whether or not we can call ourselves worthy and humane society is being resolved today. This appeal is giving you a real chance to talk about it out loud and prove that you are right once and for all. 




Take your chance! 

It is important to remember that animals feel pain In a way that is similar to humans

Animal partners and health of the person: the brief review


Today, 50 % of all domestic facilities on the West have animal partners, therefore influence which they render on human health, can be of great importance.


Positive influence on health from animal partners to be a subject of set of researches and though our pupils nevertheless sometimes deliver to us troubles, there are many ways to avoid them. The primary goal of veterinaries in this plan - education of animals owners.

Physiological and psychological results of influence Animals - partners on the person.


One of the most known examples of physiological influence of domestic pupils - downturn of a blood pressure at people at the presence of the dog - partner. Supervision for aquarium fishes renders weakening influence, after heavy work animals operate as a tranquilizer; remove stress at older persons, reduce pressure at hypertensive persons. Well-known - influence of animal partners on rehabilitation of the person after the transferred heart attack of a myocardium. Owners of animals which have transferred heart attack, have more than chances of returning of health. Recently research among almost 6000 Australians which has shown has been carried out, that owners of pets had lower levels of the physiological risk factors accompanying intimate illnesses. Owners of pets in the age of from 20 up to 59 had lower систолическое a blood pressure and a level of cholesterol, than not having animals.


The some people can object, that such results have arisen because to have animals healthy people presume to themselves only. Therefore supervision over change in behavior and a state of health 71 adult persons during the 10-month's period have been carried out, after purchase of a cat by them or dogs and compared them to group of not having animals during the same period. Substantial improvements of a psychological condition were observed already in the first 6 months. At owners of dogs the self-respect has increased, they worried less, and carried out a lot of physical exercises.

Pets and social development.

Many researchers marked positive influence of a society of animal partners on children. Children, evolved at the presence of animals, ability to the nonverbal communications (to gestures, a mimicry), social competence, self-respect distinguishes. They get acquainted with such key vital phenomena, as reproduction, a birth, illnesses and death earlier. Researchers inform, that pets can play especially important role in life of children which have problems at dialogue which cannot live a high-grade life, have difficulties with training.


The possession for the child is always connected by a pet to anxiety and care of it(him). The measure of influence of pets on children can be various, as children develop in an environment of various values and are under strong influence of their parents.

Role of animals in therapeutic programs

In 1960 years Boris Levinson, the children's psychiatrist from the USA had been formulated the concept, assistance of pets to treatment of diseases. Levinson has noticed, that at his patients the condition improved after they started to play with his dog who usually sat at him in a cabinet during sessions of treatment. Similar successes have been marked Сorson and other psychiatrists, which as involved animal (mainly dogs) for treatment of the patients having serious psychological deviations.

The concept distinguishes two types of influence of animals: influence on the person of animal partners and use of animals in the therapeutic purposes. Animals - partners can influence the person passively, for example, supervision for aquarium fishes or the bird's open-air cages when people do not communicate directly with animals, and positive influence appears simply at supervision over animals. At rehabilitation of people of old age, presence of birds - partners influences reduction of depression.

More active methods of influence include programs of residing or visiting by animals. In programs of residing, animals are together with patients or the attendants of shelters or hospitals. Programs of visiting by animals mean special selection of animals and training of owners to the relation with them. Though these programs are more limited, than Programs of residing, animal visitors - are more pertinent in conditions where the staff is borrowed with a permanent job with patients (in shelters or hospitals).

As against influence on the person of animals - partners, use of animals in the therapeutic purposes - the directed target intervention in which the animal is used as an integral part of medical process. Therapy is appointed professional doctors with corresponding experience.

Therapeutic riding may be used to improve quality of a life for invalids. This activity can be divided into three categories.

The first - driving as sports or relax when the crippled person can raise feeling of confidence of.

The second - adjusting driving, where riding is used to use Medical properties of an environment, and The stress is done, mainly, on the therapeutic purposes of the program.

And, at last, use of a horse in the medical purposes to improve a bearing of the patient, balance, mobility. This use of a horse refers to hippotherapy.

Dogs assistants

It is a lot of years of a dog oбyчаются as conductors for cлeпыx people. Now, dogs are trained in realization more pазнообpазныx problems(tasks) for invalids - this group of animals refers to dogs assistants, or serving dogs. One of them are trained in the notification of deaf(indistinct) people about a bell at a door or a fire alarm. Others - to help people with the limited mobility (for example to lift fallen subjects to open doors for people in an invalid armchair or to operate as a support for people testing difficulties at walking.

It is a lot of years of a dog learn as conductors for blind people. Now, dogs are trained in realization more different problems for invalids - this group of animals refers to dogs assistants, or serving dogs. One of them are trained in the notification of deaf people about a bell at a door or a fire alarm. Others - to help people with the limited mobility (for example to lift fallen subjects to open doors for people in an invalid armchair or to operate as a support for people testing difficulties at walking.


The new area of research - ability of dogs to feel approach of critical conditions the person. In result, the structure of behaviour at dogs who can expect attacks of illness has been created. Work is conducted in a direction of strengthening of this feature at the dogs assisting with the patient epilepsy. The set of cases when dogs reacted to a human diabetes in early stages hypoglicemia has been registered.

The responsibility before domestic pupils

As it has been told, pets can render positive influence on the owner, but in turn, we have duties in relation to our pets and to a society. For potential owners of animals it is important to understand the duties connected to their pupils before they will get an animal. In the nature there is a set of infectious diseases, risk of infection with them from a pet low, and is much lower, than risk of infection from other people. The illnesses distributed by pets, receive significant illumination in a seal, but the problem of appropriate care of animals is seldom shined.


Supervising principles of the World Health Organization of sum up to the humane attitude to animals: " the irresponsible attitude to animals easily comes to an end problems of a unnecessary issue, stray animals, environmental contamination and increase in risk animals diseases. Animals - partners of whom properly care, bring huge advantage to their owners and a society, and danger - to anybody ". Owners, however, should bear the responsibility for preventive maintenance of infectious diseases, and veterinaries, should convince new owners of necessity veterinary control of their pets.


People are confused more with the annoying inconveniences connected to animals, than more serious dangers. Aesthetic problems from fecal pollution are at first sight much more significant, than real danger to human health, but they are easily eliminated, if owners clean after the dogs, and nevertheless excrements on lawns is a real threat of infection by infectious diseases and helminths, at least for surrounding animals. Therefore duly preventive maintenance is especially important.


Inadequate behavior of animals - partners - more serious problem, Which faces to some owners. Bark or aggression of dogs can bring significant inconveniences for the owner and his neighbors. The set of the reasons, and in most cases a problem has such behavior can be solved, if the principal cause of behavior is known. In this plan work of owners with the veterinary expert on behavior or other accordingly trained professionals is important. Simple prohibition or punishment can cause To animal the big troubles and seldom yields long-term results.


Veterinaries can play also the important role in the help of selection of corresponding character for their future owners.

Loss of a pet

The majority of owners of pets should be ready in due time To cope with loss of a pet. As relation to pets at different people carry different character, it is necessary to expect different reaction at loss of pupils. For some owners, the death of a pet can be the true tragedy comparable with loss of the close person, in these cases corresponding forms of support can be necessary. However for the most part, bitterness of loss though heavy during some time, probably, will have less long influence. Contact to a veterinary can be very useful to owners after death of a pet.


Veterinaries even more often realize necessity to give is more than attention coчувствию to the owners which have lost pupils. Owners should know, that on behalf of a veterinary they will always find support and a consolation. In many cases for display of sympathy it is enough to explain the actual questions surrounding death of a pet. However if at the owner attributes of intensive emotional stress, or if the veterinary has the basis to think are marked, that it in the near future will need medical aid, it should advice to the owner address to the family doctor. Some owners feel the greater satisfaction, addressing to the family doctor if they do it on advice other professional: " my veterinary recommended me To address to you after the tragedy transferred by me ". In some countries the telephone hotlines completed with volunteers are established to help owners lost a pet. The majority of people using this service, require the interlocutor, than in the recommendation or active support more.

The conclusion

Close contact to animal partners - a part of a daily life for many People. The award for such actions - support, protection and displacement of the center of interest with The person on the pupil negative factors which annoying troubles and risk of infectious disease, but with care and foresight can accompany this, mainly, they can be shown up to a minimum and then there will be only a pleasure of dialogue which all enjoy. A leading role of a veterinary maintenance of the manual necessary for assistance for the responsible attitude to pets.