Primary Directions Till 2006

• Calling in the membership of the Society the wide section of the population, especially of growing-up generation and training in them of human attitude towards animal beings by means of realization of humane education at Schools, Lyceums and Universities.

• Creation of a shelter for homeless animals, where will be carried out the sterilization of animals, their rehabilitation, treatment, vaccination and where also will be realized the program on involving schoolchildren from orphan schools, refugee camps for taking care of animals, including the children who because of family difficulties can't keep animals at home.

• Rendering assistance for the population, particularly for needy families, aged people and invalids in correct maintenance, in treatment and in caring for animals.

• The organization of nature corners of domestic animals at schools and orphan homes and also in refugee camps, in educational institutes, in children's homes, in boarding schools, in reformatory institutions and in houses for aged.

• Creation of shelter for wild animals "Noah's Ark" where the animals withdrawn from sphere of illegal use in entertainment and old animals used in circuses, sports and etc. will be keeping.

• Establishing relations with the International Organizations by means of creation and distribution of web-site in the Internet and by edition of the periodical press materials, newspapers, magazines and also their spreading in educational institutions and among citizens; organization of exhibitions of domestic animals.

• The organization of work of volunteers from abroad on humane education in regions of our Republic and their help in training veterinaries in rendering assistance and in treatment of animals. An exchange of volunteers for exchanging experience.

• Laboratory Animals.

• Creation of the Animals Rescue and Rehabilitation Center suffered during extreme situations (oil spill, forest fires and so on) and also for helping needy citizens in maintenance and treatment of animals. The program of rehabilitation and preventive maintenance of mass destruction of the Caspian seal for last years should be as urgent. At the Center is planned to create educational center and prepare for future volunteers.

• Introduction of virtual programs for use in institutes, in aim of the termination and reduction of using the animals in experiments and vivisections.

• Lobbing of acceptance at the state level of laws for protection of animals and signing of the conventions for animals protection.

• Realization of charitable actions, a telemarathon for the protection of animals. Means actions to direct on creation and support of daily activity of shelter and other charitable actions.

• The organization with participation of pupils and students of the Inspection for Protection of Animals and preparation for the appropriate staff in this field. The future introduction of practice of drawing up of documents of the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environment Monitoring, unit of the "Animals' Welfare".

• Development and introduction of the help for wild animals during winter and during drought in Country. And attraction local volunteers for this purpose.

• Development in a cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture, of the program of Humane use of animals in farms. And attractions for this purpose the international animals' welfare experts.