What is the APPU?

To bring up the population in spirit of mercy to animals and cares of their welfare, irrespective of value of a kind - for the sake of this sacred mission and the Azerbaijan Society of Protection of Animals was created. October 20, 1992 APPU it was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan.
Projects for 2000 - 2001:

• Joint project "begin studying of the reasons of mass destruction of the Caspian seals at the Azerbaijan coast of Caspian Sea". July - August 2000.

• Project of the United Nations Volunteers Program "ZOO - the Help to the Baku zoo animals ". July - December 2000.

• Participation in the international expedition in the Shirvan reserve and scheduling of management of preservation of an inhabitancy of animals in reserve. August, 2000.

• Project "MERCY" - the help to the needy citizens which contains domestic pets. November - December 2000.

• Project "Fauna of Apsheron" for humane education at financial support of the bp company. May 2001.

• Project "Humane Environmental Education for the Hatai districts school" october 2001 - january 2002. Caspian Environmental Program.

Summer 2000 APPU initiated the project of creation of the first on the East of the Center of Rescue and Rehabilitation of Animals, appeared in a zone of extreme situations and acts of nature.
Actions and campaigns:

• December, 1999 due to own resources APPU has lead the first Republican exhibition of fans of cats.

• April, - June 2000 due to own resources APPU carried out treatment of animals of the Baku zoo.

• Participation in public hearings (June, 19-20, 2000) under the project of development of petroleum deposit Kursangi - Garabagli, in part fascinating territory of Shirvan reserve.

• As a result of active protest APPU in April 2001 shooting wolves in Shirvan reserve was prevented.

• As a result of the annual campaign against cruel treatment with animals of the Baku Zoo of mayoralty of Baku city has disposed to increase since November, 2001 territory of Baku Zoo in 2 Hectars.

• Today APPU have appealed to the Mayor of Baku Mr. Azizov with the request to stop inhumane actions aimed at annihilation of homeless animals.

• APPU also appealed to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Environment Asya Manafova with the urgent request for Azerbaijan to join European Convention on Protection of Homeless Animals.

APPU is part of the Caspian Initiative Group within the framework of the Caspian Environment Program, in consultative committee of Management of a biodiversity of Shirvan Reserve as level with SOCAR, the European Reconstruction and Development Bank, and also takes participant on the Pan-European Eco-Forum.

APPU are wide communications with the international organizations of animal's welfare, it is protection of animal's rights not only in Azerbaijan, but also all over the world, these are open doors for cooperation.
Ethical policy of APPU(Briefly)
Basis of APPU ethical policy is not preservation of a biological version of animals. APPU considers, that each alive essence matters in the world and should be dear and protected.

Animals biologically own feelings, interests and characters, and are capable to feel a pain. Thus, APPU considers, that animals have the right to live the life, free from sufferings instead of to be used as a source for benefit of the person. APPU believes, that the main problem of people is maintenance of their welfare. APPU considers, that all animals, both domestic, and wild and as legally withdrawn from the natural environment have the right to live in conditions appropriate to their biological version. Moreover, if physiological requirements of animals may not be executed, animals should not be in possession and the maintenance at the person. Besides the various purposes, for which animals are used, should be regular overestimate.

APPU Subjects of protection are:
Domestic, Farmer, Animals in entertainments, Laboratory, Sea mammals, Wild animals.

APPU opposes any sort of human activity if it harms or forces an animal to suffer. APPU it is concerned concerning an environmental condition and regrets, that changes of an environment directly or indirectly grow out activity of people. APPU to aspire to improve all animals welfare, irrespective of value of kinds.
Be with us! Animals Need Your Help!