Name of Organization: Animals Protection Public Union (assotiative member of the World animalsprotection and Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (UK))

Animals Protection Public Union was established in 1992

Registration Number: 625 (Registered by Azerbaijan Ministry of Justice 22.10.1994

Address: Khazar District, Shuvalan, h. 376. Baku city, Azerbaijan

VÖEN: 1400434711
VÖEN: 1700767721; SWIFT: PAHAAZ22
M/H: AZ82NABZ01350100000000071944


Information about APPU

APPU - Animals Protection Public Union is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization, established in 1992.

Board of APPU:

Shamil Huseynov
Aliheydar Mammadov
Fuad Bagirov
Rahim Ibrahimov
Gunduz Rahimov
Azer Garayev

Chairman of Society:

Azer Garayev

Audition Comission:

Leyla Mehtiyeva
Narmin Ibishova
Elkhan Feyzullayev

Mission Statement

Animals welfare, education at citizens of high moral principles in sphere of dialogue of the human with animals, the international cooperation in to the name of the world, in protection of all alive on the ground. Developing high standards of behavior with regard to human-animals relations. Carrying out international cooperation aimed at strengthening peace and friendship between nations for the welfare of life on Earth, taking part in joint human efforts for animals' protection.

Goals and Objectives

Concentrate and bring together efforts of different organizations and persons for creation of the country development strategy in the fields concerned; Networking of the experts; Promotion of public participation in decision-making; Public information and increase of public awareness.

Not only preservation of the world's bio-diversity lies at the basis of the APPU's ethical philosophy. APPU considers each living being to be valuable and worth of respect and protection.

Animals possess the biological functions of emotion, interest and character, and are capable of sensing pain. Therefore APPU feels that animals have the right to live their life and be free from suffering and not be used merely as a source of the human benefit. APPU believes that the main task of all human beings is to support animal welfare. APPU believes that all animals, both domestic, and wild as well as detached from their natural habitat, have the right to live in conditions appropriate to their biological origin. Moreover, humans may not detain animals unless they can provide them with appropriate conditions for physiological development. Various purposes of animal usage must be regularly re-appraised.

Structure of Organization

The supreme managing body of the Society shall be the Common Meeting (Conference) of the Union. Scheduled congresses shall be summoned at least once per five years. An extraordinary congress of the SUnion can be summoned upon the decision of the society managing bodies as well as upon the request of not less than 1/3 of municipal and regional organizations.

Methods of operation

• The problem statement

• Preparing reports and documents

• Providing regular update information by publishing in the bulletins

• Holding seminars and public hearings.

Main priorities

• Pet Animals

• Farm Animals

• Animals in entertainments

• Laboratory Animals

• Sea mammals

• Wild Animals

Projects which has been implemented during last years:

• Project supported United Nations Volunteers Program "Assistance to the Baku Zoo". July - December 2000.

• Participation in the international expedition to the Shirvan preserve and environmental conservation management plan for animals in the preserve. August 2000.

• Project "MERCY" - assistance to the low-income population with domestic pets. Donor- Saybolt\Azerbaijan Core Laboratopy. November - December 2000.

• Project "Fauna of Apsheron" for humane education with financial support from bp Oil Company. May 2001.

• Project "Humane Environmental Education for the Hatai districts school" october2001-january 2002. Donor - Caspian Environmental Program.

• In summer of 2001, APPU initiated a project aimed at establishment of the first Rescue and Rehabilitation Emergency Center for Animals in the Eastern World.

• December 1999: Conducted the first Republican exhibition for domestic cat owners and fans. (APPU expense)

• April - June 2000: Undertook medical treatment of animals in the Baku zoo. (APPU expense)

• June 19-20, 2000: Participated in public lectures within the framework of the Kursangi - Garabagli oilfield exploration project located at the Shirvan preserve.

• April 2001: Organized protesting campaign against gun massacre of wolves at the Shirvan Preserve. The massacre was prevented as a result of the APPU protest.

• As a result of APPU campaign, the Baku Mayor's office ordered to expand the territory of the Baku Zoo to twice of its current size. Order issued in November 2001.

• APPU also appealed to the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Energy and Environment with the urgent request for Azerbaijan to join European Convention on Protection of Pet Animals.

Partners of our Organization:

World Society for the Protection of Animals and Royal Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Humane Society International, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan, Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Caspian Environmental Program, European ECOFORUM, Caucasian NGO Environmental Network.



Contributions support and grants – 112 000 AZN

Sponsor support – 2.900 AZN

Membership fee – 0.420 AZN

Other – 0.530 AZN


Projects expenditure – 67 000 AZN

Publications - 3500 AZN

Animals protection – 2650 AZN

Organisation support – 2300 AZN

Other charges – 0,560 AZN