Murder of animals in the Baku Zoo!!!


Situation in the Baku zoo, a vivid example of such blasphemous attitude to a wild animal and without that restrained in the main right to freedom. Completely unacceptable conditions which contain representatives of local and exotic fauna have really made the Baku zoo a concentration camp in the centre of Baku. Never before. Even in the heaviest for Azerbaijan Republic times animals in a zoo did not contain in such barbarous conditions. Territory of the Baku zoo makes all 2.2hectars! Under direct purpose, that is under the maintenance of animals the administration has allocated all 0.8hectars. And on this area contains more than hundred kinds of animals in quantity about 400 units. If to all aforesaid to add the callous attitude of the majority of collective working in a zoo, absence of a vital diet and veterinary service, it is possible for itself to present what sufferings test these animals.

One year ago seeing awful sufferings of animals we have made attempt to help them. On the means we have started treatment of animals in a zoo. From hipodinamiaand constant absence of necessary microcells at a maral the hardest was developed progressing artroz. Two months daily we carried out intensive treatment and procedure. Treatment began to yield positive results, the animal began to do the first attempts to rise and move. Having consulted, our veterinaries have decided. That the monthly break, and then the further continuation of treatment is necessary. All this time we felt unhealthy interest on the part of some workers of a zoo to us and our work. It was completely not clear for them, how it is people without what or material interest, moreover on own means come in a zoo and are engaged what that in a deer.
And in one month, having come in a zoo, we do not trust the eyes. Both marals, who lived in one open-air cage, among which our pupil Nadir was also (him called) were lost from a sharp food poisoning. To our indignation not a limit we was persevering demanded to understand in happened to punish guilty. But that administration and workers answered about and in what business, well animals, the main thing were los.
“Having once visited the zoo, says the vice-chairman of the Azerbaijan Society of Animal Protection, Mr. Gunduz Rahimov, I saw how scared the animals there were. They inadequately react to all noises: wolves were pounding themselves against the cage bars and jumping high. One of them landed awkwardly and hurt his paw. I asked local clerks to send for a vet, but I was answered that no-one would treat the wolf. Then I had to bring a vet to the sick animal myself.
The fact that animals in the zoo are kept in deplorable conditions is confirmed by other ecologists, scientists and simply those who love animals. The reason for these drawbacks is not only a lack of qualified specialists, but also the insufficient financing. TIt is the answer of people which each day deal with animals of a zoo.
We demand closing the Baku zoo. It is a shame for mankind and we resolutely condemn inhuman actions of officials from the Baku zoo.